Current & Future Strategies

Strategic Review Services

Sunaxis have provided consultancy services to a large number of businesses and companies under the strategic options umbrella.

The scope of work will depend on your aims but the goals are often the same and include:

  • increase operational efficiencies
  • improve internal systems, including procedures and reporting
  • develop financial strategies to fit commercial actions
  • review funding structures
  • and ultimately increase and maximise shareholder value

Our services may result in the performance of a full strategic review, the services of which are again bespoke to the client, but examples of the kind of expertise we can provide are as follows:

  • running strategic sessions with clients, including:
    1. financial and commercial information gathering, review and reporting
    2. understanding the directors’/shareholders’ aspirations on the future development of the company
    3. and assessing the company’s current position and prospects for growth
  • assisting in the preparation of a desktop valuation of the company
  • and preparing a strategic business plan and assisting with its implementation, including:
    1. preparation of integrated profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts
    2. assisting with the ongoing financial strategy thereafter