Corporate Mergers

A common way of expanding an existing business is to make a strategic merger with an existing business. Mergers involve the integration of an existing business with another, usually resulting in shared control of the combined entity between the original business owners.

As the Nottingham office of Corporate Finance Associates Worldwide (CFAW), Sunaxis is part of a global network which enables us to search for potential worldwide merger targets that meet your criteria.

There are many beneficial reasons to grow your business by way of a merger some of which include:

  • access to a wider customer base and increased market share
  • increasing the workforce by obtaining key people and skill sets
  • utilising improved assets/facilities in order to obtain more efficient production
  • diversification of products and services to be sold through the existing distribution network
  • reducing costs and overheads through improved efficiency and synergies

We have significant experience of acting as lead adviser to the owners of companies and businesses whose aim is to grow by way of merger.

Examples of the kind of services we provide are:

  • a review of the of the proposed transaction, based on financial and commercial information available
  • to consider a proposed deal structure and assisting in the formulation of an offer and negotiation of headline terms
  • discussing finance requirements, agreeing and raising deal finance (debt and private equity) and working capital facilities
  • negotiations with the vendors, other advisers and providing commercial input on the legal documentation
  • the deal, including any due diligence requirements of funders, through to completion, liaising with all parties as appropriate

As well as working with you on identified targets, we can help you identify and approach potential merger targets by way of an active search using a variety of methods.