Finance Raising

Sunaxis can help you raise finance

Companies may seek to raise finance for any one of a number of reasons, for example, to fund the acquisition of a target company or business, extend their existing premises or invest in new machinery.

Whatever the reason for fund raising we can assist in the following ways:

  • objectively review your business plan, including your financial projections and proposed funding requirement
  • advise on the funding capacity of your business and a funding structure
  • assist with the submission, and presentation of, a funding document to potential financiers (a selection of equity and debt providers, as appropriate)
  • assisting with final negotiations with funders, reviewing their terms of funding/investment and assisting in your selection of chosen provider. This may include modelling equity returns based on your plan alongside the debt raised
  • project manage the process (including the due diligence requirements) to completion, then
    • review your operating cash management systems
    • and advise on future finance requirements and refinancing options when appropriate